Binga’s Wingas

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Photo by Aaron Flacke

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Yarmouth, Maine

Architecture: David Matero with DayMatero studio
Lighting Design: Greg Day Lighting
Interior Design: Kim Wilson
Food Service Consultant: TJM Consulting
Structural Engineering: Casco Bay Engineering
Owner’s Representative: Project Resources
Builder: William Paul & Sons

Binga’s Wingas newest location in Yarmouth fully integrated architecture and lighting.  An extensive renovation to a 4,000 sf pizza joint, the basement became a sauce production facility and the first floor included a new kitchen and bar/restaurant with 36 seats and takeout.

A custom stainless steel bar has a heated edge fro the cold months and works wonderfully with the custom lighting fixtures, Douglas Fir ceiling, and custom painted tables and accent panels.  The space glows with complimentary light at night.