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Scarborough, Maine

Architecture: David Matero Architecture
Lighting Design: Greg Day Lighting
Foodservice Consultant: TJM Consulting, Inc
Interior Consultant: Jeanne Handy Designs
Builder: Ledgewood Construction
Photography: David Matero

After many years along Route One in Scarborough, the concrete block elevator tower has finally be covered. A two-story building and shell was designed by CWS Architects. DMA provided the interior design for a new Irish pub to take the entire first floor, O’Reilly’s Cure, Food, Drink & Social Remedy.

Using accent wood walls, concrete countertops by Stone Craft Iconic Concrete, and metal elements, a rustic-modern decor with high ceilings and large windows creates an atmosphere both light-filled during the day and a warm and inviting during the evening.

A variety of seating options allows something for everyone, including gas lanterns and fire pits on the patio, as well as comfortable couches in the lounge by the large fireplace.